This Couple Says They’ve Found the Cure For a Broken Heart

Kenyon and Taccara Martin, faith-based relationship counselors and Certified Failure Experts ™, are experts at two things: failing and getting back up again. The two are known, and sometimes criticized, for teaching their viewers that battling through life’s challenges will sometimes require MORE than prayer.  So when they kept being sought out for advice by people who either couldn’t seem to quite “get it right” in love, or those who were stuck in cycles of abusive and toxic relationships despite how much they prayed, they knew they had to do something. That something has begun revolutionizing the way people deal with emotional hurt and feelings of brokenness from toxic relationships—the first installment from their Soul-Ties™ Personal Growth Collection, Journey to Freedom: The Soul-Ties™ Detox.

“Initially, I wasn’t quite sure exactly what to expect from this book,” one reader says. “I assumed it would be sugar coated with scriptures and wouldn’t convey the raw emotions that I was dealing with, or would tell me to just pray my way through. It does include God and scriptures, but it also forces you to look at the naked inner you!”   Now in its second edition, The Soul-Ties Detox book takes readers on a practical yet spiritual journey of recovery from broken and toxic relationships. Using ideas of guided journal therapy, while offering insightful teaching and gut-wrenching realness, Kenyon & Taccara helps readers understand that their tolerance for toxic love was shaped in them long before THIS relationship broke them —and then they are guided through a journey of acknowledgement, acceptance, accountability and forgiveness.

“The book isn’t just about getting over your ex and THRIVING,” Kenyon said. It’s about uncovering past wounds that may have contributed to one’s present relationship choices. According to Dr. Adrian Furnham, a professor of psychology at University College London, journal therapy “is much more than simply trying to write pretty sentences. It is about singling out experiences, events and people that contributed to one’s life. Seeing cause and effect, understanding psychological processes can significantly increase self-understanding.” Many of the people that Kenyon and Taccara kept encountering were not simply struggling with getting over a break-up, they were struggling with why they felt an addictive need to keep going back to toxic or abusive partners, or continuing to end up with those like them. So Kenyon and Taccara’s approach to the book was based on the idea that, if they could get their readers to understand HOW they came to a place of making poor relationship choices, then they would be empowered to make BETTER choices for their future.

When asked, what makes this book better than all of the other “break-up” or “get over them” books out there? Kenyon responded, “I wouldn’t say our book was better. It’s just different. With healthcare costs on the rise and therapy still carrying a negative stigma among certain groups, we wanted to offer our readers something that was not just inspirational, but also educational, affordable and therapeutic” When speaking with Taccara about her own struggles with depression and anxiety after dealing with toxic and abusive relationships, she said she paid a $65 co-pay every time she visited her therapist. After the minimum recommended six visits, she’d spent nearly $400 for the help she desperately needed—and that’s not including the cost of going through different counselors to find the one that suited her. “We knew that not everyone was in a position to pay for therapy-with or without insurance,” Taccara said. “But our readers were desperate for help needed more than a witty video on relationships. They needed a real solution.”


In addition to their 5-week Journey to Freedom, readers are also welcomed into a private support group community where they are provided judgement-free support and comraderie from others who are currently going through or have previously gone through the program. Even though their brand and their books are faith-based, Kenyon and Taccara are convinced that their program includes the right balance of spirituality with practical, therapeutic exercises that anyone can benefit from, regardless of their faith or spiritual practices. Click Here to learn more about the book!

About the Authors:

Over the past 7 years, Kenyon Martin has helped thousands of individuals and couples overcome hurt and heartache through very simple yet monumental principles: Education, Accountability, and then Action. Today, he partners with his wife, Taccara, leveraging Kenyon’s education in Theology and Christian Counseling and Taccara’s testimony of “Failure to Freedom,” to inspire people to use failure as their personal Launchpad to wholeness.

In November of 2017, Kenyon and Taccara are preparing to add the next phases of their readers’ journeys with Rediscovering Me: The Soul-Ties™ Self Recovery Journal and Dating: The Soul-Ties™ Dating GuideWhile The Soul-Ties ™ Detox focuses on breaking free from toxic habits, broken relationships and toxic family-members, The Soul-Ties™ Self Recovery Journal presents the reader with the next steps of Self-Discovery after losing themselves in a toxic relationship.  The Soul-Ties™ Dating Guide is a pragmatic guide that helps individuals identify and resolve dating myths and behaviors  that may have caused poor choices in relationships.

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