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Subtle Signs That Someone May Be Emotionally Abusive

I remember listening to Trevor Noah in an Interview on NPR where, when discussing the domestic abuse his mother endured when he was growing up, he said that he could never blame anyone for being in an abusive relationship. “Especially because of the amount of surprise that it comes with,” he said.  “It comes out of nowhere and you don’t know what it is because it’s never happened to you.” And That’s just it-- Abuse comes out of NO WHERE. We normally miss it because love, or ...

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This Couple Says They’ve Found the Cure For a Broken Heart

Kenyon and Taccara Martin, faith-based relationship counselors and Certified Failure Experts ™, are experts at two things: failing and getting back up again. The two are known, and sometimes criticized, for teaching their viewers that battling through life’s challenges will sometimes require MORE than prayer.  So when they kept being sought out for advice by people who either couldn’t seem to quite “get it right” in love, or those who were stuck in cycles of abusive and toxic ...

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