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When She Doesn’t Feel Attractive: 5 Ways to Help Her Build Her Confidence

A woman is only flattered by a man for so long. Then she gets familiar with him through relationship. When she gets familiar with him on an intimate level, she gets familiar with his imperfections. That’s when she will begin to subconsciously count his summation of her as a part of that imperfection. So slowly and surely his compliments won’t count, especially if given repetitively and over emphasized. What is a man to do?  What are you to do? The following are some brief tips that ...

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How Interracial Couples Can Have Productive Conversations About Race

I was raised by my white step-father and black mother in a very impoverished, gang-infested community. Our parents raised us with a “just because we’re from the hood, doesn’t mean we act like it,” mentality. My step-father didn’t treat us black or white but he always allowed us to express who we were as black kids—and all that it entailed without trying to change us. I was considered “smart” and treated noticeably different than other kids who came from my neighborhood by ...

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